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The limited liability company: An operating manual of lawyer Antonio Mancuso

If you are looking for a book to help you with corporate decisions regarding the LLC, this is not necessarily the right book for you. However, if you want a book to help with keeping the correct accounting of your encounters with forms to help keep the minutes and commemorate the decisions you make, this book, “your limited liability company: an operating manual” by Anthony Mancuso, is the book you’re looking for. The book includes a CD-ROM containing 70 modules to use.

NOLO books do a great job of legal information for all, and Mancuso author “Form your own limited liability company.” That book focused on documents needed to start a LLC, while this book focuses on forms and documents needed to continue to work for the LLC.

The book begins with a brief chapter on document Organization LLC and then goes into chapters on using meetings, minutes and written consents; steps to take before hold a meeting; How to hold a meeting LLC; How to prepare the written minutes of meetings LLC; How to hold a meeting of LLC of paper; How to act by written consent without a meeting LLC; business standard resolutions LLC; Tax resolutions LLC; resolutions to amend the articles of LLC and operating agreement; Membership resolutions LLC; Hiring and compensation resolutions LLC; loans for LLC; lending LLC; Hobbes deals between LLC and its members or managers; and finally, lawyers, tax advisers and legal research.

Appendix A tells how to use the CD-ROM, Appendix B has some information regarding how to locate State offices LLC and read on-line, and Appendix C contains forms.

For those who want to keep accurate records and use the appropriate forms LLC, this book will make things much easier. Standard modules for many situations are included, and it would be easy to customize according to the specific needs of your LLC. However, I imagine that many of the forms here are unused by many small companies LLCs. Also, I don’t know if you need all the tear-off form when pages are on CD-ROM, but it doesn’t hurt to do it. If you do not have the CD-ROM for any reason, you can use the samples in the book to compile your own.

Once again, this book is not going to help you make decisions for the LLC to success, but it sure will help you maintain accurate records and prepare resolutions and minutes. This book provides modules for just about anything you want to do with your LLC after it was formed. (Mancuso’s first book contains forms and information regarding the formation of LLCs) While this book is a bit pricey, not a bad investment if you need help with your documents LLC. Is much less expensive to hire someone for them the project for you.

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